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Recruiting And Jobs For Surgical Technicians

Surgical techs are an extension of the surgeon in an operating room, predicting and executing tasks with great skill and precision. Connected Health Care works with certified surgical technologists to find their next home. Connected has the resources and expertise to help healthcare facilities to keep up with ever-increasing demand. Our surgical tech staffing agency is uniquely suited for hospitals that need skilled surgical technicians but don’t have the time to source, screen and hire and the volume they require to keep up with patient needs. Whether your struggle is finding qualified candidates, retaining talent or adapting to variable demand, we can help you make the connection.

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Our comprehensive search process and extensive talent network give you access to the right people at the right time.

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As a surgical tech staffing agency, we collaborate with professionals like you to assist them in finding the opportunities that suit their interests, skills and experience.

Surgical Tech Recruiters

Connected will match you with an experienced recruiter who is an expert in connecting professionals with jobs for surgical technicians. Whether you are interested in permanent placement or travel opportunities, your recruiter will be your single point of contact every step of the way from the first conversation to your first day of work and beyond. We understand the healthcare industry and the challenges of the surgical tech field. From large healthcare systems to ambulatory clinics, we’ll help you find a position where you can reach your professional goals.

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Our surgical tech staffing agency is here to help you find a great opportunity. Our proven screening process and employer network give experienced surgical tech candidates like you virtually unlimited opportunities to choose from.

Looking For Jobs For Surgical Technicians?

We help certified surgical technicians connect with healthcare employers nationwide who are hiring for jobs for surgical technicians. Learn how Connected can help you, too.