5 Things Hospitals Can Do to Improve Patient Outcomes

Healthcare workers are constantly looking for ways to improve patient outcomes. While there are a number of things that hospitals can do to achieve this goal, here are five of the most important.  Make sure all hospital personnel are properly trained in providing care to patients Making sure your hospital staff is properly trained and […]

Why Should You Choose Connected as Your Staffing Agency?

  If you’re looking for talented health care professionals, look no further than a staffing agency. Here are five reasons why we can help you meet your needs:   Connected Healthcare has a large pool of qualified candidates to choose from. Healthcare facilities are always in need of qualified staff, and Connected Healthcare will provide […]

Taking Care of Yourself as a Travel Nurse

Two young women holding map and exploring city

As a travel nurse, you face many unique challenges and demands. From long hours on your feet to working in unfamiliar environments, it’s important to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Here are some tips for staying healthy and keeping your energy up while on the road. Make sure you’re getting enough rest: […]