Permanent Placement

National healthcare recruiting services for facilities and professionals.

Streamline Your Talent Search

The experts at Connected Health Care will connect you with highly qualified and well-screened talent who will make a welcome addition to your team. Permanent placement is always an excellent solution for healthcare facilities looking to build a strong, experienced and specialized team. Working with an expert medical recruitment agency like Connect is a smart way to achieve that goal.

Healthcare facilities, like the following, depend on the expertise of our recruiters:



Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Rehabilitation Facilities

Urgent Care Centers

Nursing Homes

Outpatient Facilities

And More!

Hire Healthcare Professionals

As a national healthcare recruiting firm, Connected can help you fill critical full-time vacancies by conducting an extensive talent search on your behalf.

Leverage Our Talent Network

Our medical recruiting experts connect employers with proven leaders and individual contributors for executive search, nursing, laboratory, radiology, rehab therapy, respiratory, surgical technicians and pharmacy positions. As travel a recruitment agency for healthcare, we work closely with healthcare employers and proven professionals nationwide.

Our Process

We begin by discussing your needs to understand your challenges and goals and develop an ideal candidate profile.

Candidate Selection

We identify and interview candidates based on client requirements. Each matching candidate is thoroughly screened, vetted, and credentialed to ensure they are a skills and talent match.

Interview Coordination

We schedule any interviews at your convenience, including all required decision-makers and influencers, so you can make a decision on adding the candidate to your team.

Offer Presentation

Your recruiter will present the offer, negotiate on your behalf, and confirm acceptance and start date.

Candidate Joins Your Team

The recruiter takes care of all paperwork and initial onboarding to streamline the candidate experience. We stay in touch with you to get your feedback on qualifications and performance and ensure the candidate is the right fit for your organization.

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