Skills Checklist: CNA

Skills Checklist – CNA

This self-evaluation is for assessing your experience in specific clinical areas. This self-evaluation will not be a determining factor in accepting your application to become an employee of Connected Health Care.

0 = Not Applicable
1 = No Experience
2 = Some Experience
3 = Intermittent Experience
4 = Experienced
5 = Very Experienced

Assist with Admission of Patient
Assist with Ambulation
Assist with bedpan/urinal
Backrubs/ Back care
Basic Medical Asepsis
Bathing: Complete/Partial/Sitz
Bed Cradles
Bed Making- occupied/unoccupied
Bed Rails: when/how to use them
Cast Care
Charting/ Checklist/Graphic Charts
Compresses: Warm/ Cold
Coughing/ deep breathing
Crutch Walking: Assist Patient
Dangling Patient
Diabetic Testing
Dietary Restrictions
Documentation: vital signs, I & O
Documentation of Patient’s Belongings
Elastic Stockings (AE hose)
Elimination Check & Record
Enemas, Rectal Tubes, Harris Flush
Fall Precautions
Feed Patient
Foley Catheter Care & Emptying
Hand Hygiene
Height: Measure & Record
Intake & Output Measure & Record
Orthostatic Blood Pressure
Use of Assistive Devices
Vital Signs
Weight: Measure and Record
Electronic Documentation
Routine Urine
Clean Catch
 & - hour Specimen
From Foley Catheter
Standard Universal Precautions
Reverse Isolation
TB / Airborne Precautions
MRSA / VRE Precautions
Nourishment for Patients
Observing Patients
Oral Hygiene
Patient Safety Standards/Precautions
Perineal Care
Positioning Patients
Prosthetic Devices (care of dentures, contact lenses, etc)
Range of Motion Exercises
Reporting Changes of Patient Condition
Reporting/ Recording of Patient’s Pain Level
Skin Care
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